Whatever area you need help with, we'll Declutter it, Organize it, & Maintain it

The Organizing Co. exists because life’s better when it’s put together. We are professional organizers who customize our home and business organizing solutions to address the specific concerns and needs for each client. Whether it’s a large or small project, we help clients declutter, find a place for everything, and set up systems to maintain it.  

No one can do it all. You might hire a mechanic or an accountant, or go to a workout class, to get help with something you're not good at, don't have time for, or simply need guidance and accountability in. Hiring a professional organizer is no different. By allowing us to do something you struggle with or don't have time for, you free yourself up to focus on what you do well, on what makes you money, and on who is important to you.

We serve the Colorado Front Range from Longmont to Castle Rock including Boulder, the entire Denver Metro Area, and the Kansas City Metro Area. We also serve anywhere in the world virtually or we travel for additional fees.

We offer free in-home estimates and would love to talk with you about your projects! Call us at 303.872.8505.




We offer hourly pricing with volume discounts, as follows:

Hours 3-30 are billed at $65/hour

Hours 31-70 are billed at $60/hour

Hours over 70 are billed at $55/hour

We require a 3 hour minimum except for our maintenance services which only require a 2 hour minimum.

We offer 10% Military Discounts to veterans and active duty members, and 10% discounts to fire fighters and EMTs. Thank you for your service!

How long will your project take?

The best way to find out is to schedule a free 30 minute estimate, when a member of our staff can assess your situation in person. We factor in your goals, the volume of items, the level of disorganization, and more to offer you an accurate estimate. Call or click to schedule.



Areas we organize: kitchen, bedroom, kids' room, playroom, mudroom, craft room, living room, family room, garage, basement, crawl space, attic, shed, barn, dining room, closet, linen closet, pantry, laundry room, bathroom, art room, storage area, storage unit, home office, commercial office, warehouse, stock room, break room, classroom, studio, gym, etc.


Office Organization: Whether it's a large corporation or a small business or startup, we organize work spaces, storage areas, break rooms, warehouses, shipping stations, files, etc. Some projects have included a music studio, Crossfit gym, and financial advisor office, as well as break rooms and storage rooms. Organization boosts productivity and makes you money!


Paper Organizing: A Certified Personal Document Specialist can sort and organize your files/papers, as well as train you to manage the system and/or offer maintenance to tame new piles. We also offer digital file organization on your Mac or PC.


Estate Sale Prep: After the loss of a family member we help clients sort through belongings and determine what to keep and what to sell/donate. We categorize the items to sell in preparation for the estate sale company to group and price. Going through this process ensures family heirlooms are found, memorabilia preserved, and that special items don't accidentally get sold. And having a non-biased third party assisting allows clients to feel guilt-free about their decisions. 


Holiday Services: We help clients bring out their holiday decorations, set them up, wrap presents, and then put everything away in an orderly fashion when the season is over. We'll also coordinate your outdoor decorating services.


Cataloging & Inventory Services: For clients moving boxes to storage, with large home storage areas, large holiday decor sections, or simply looking to catalog what is in their home, we offer digital cataloging with photos and item descriptions. We also organize and label the storage area to make finding what you're looking for a snap!

Relocation Services: Imagine being fully settled in a matter of days instead of the months it takes most families. When your home is unpacked and functional you can get re-focused on your family and your work! We offer downsizing and relocation assistance including these services. 


Virtual Organizing: Wherever you are in the world, we can use video chat to coach you on how to organize your space. This is great for individuals who are stuck on what to do but who are self-motivated and have the time and physical ability to do the hands on work. We do the thinking, you do the lifting!


Shopping for Products: We can often organize with what you have, but there are times when the right supplies can make a world of difference. To get your place organized better and faster, we offer shopping, delivery, and assembly/arrangement of items you may need and/or coordinating a handyman for installation. 


Donation Drop-off: Included with any of our services is the donation of discarded items to a local thrift store (or arranging a pick-up) and assistance in selling/consigning unwanted items.


Maintenance Services: We set up systems that can be easily maintained and guide and teach our clients how to maintain the organization. But life is busy and many clients prefer to spend their time with their families rather than keeping their homes tidy. So we also offer regular maintenance appointments to keep things orderly (monthly, weekly, etc). We pick up where maids leave off, making sure things are in the proper place and that your home is organized and tidy. We also do yearly "tune-ups" or re-organizing sessions when the needs of the space change.


*We do not offer any cleaning (mopping, dusting, dishes, etc) and we are not able to work with people who hoard. We are, however, happy to connect you with great people who specialize in these areas!

Didn't see what you're looking for? Contact us about any other areas of interest you have! We are happy to accommodate wherever possible! 303.872.8505 or