Kitchen Gallery

The kitchen is the hub of the house, so it's paramount to make sure it's streamlined and organized for efficiency and safety- not to mention for entertaining!

Take a peek at these kitchen transformations to see what a difference a little organization can make! 



"Christina Morton of the Organizing Company is an organizational genius! Previously, if all our cabinets were shut, our kitchen looked pretty good. Everything inside, though, was a bit of a disaster. We had flour in three different places; our dinner plates were nearly inaccessible, and finding specific baking dishes was a Lewis-and-Clark-esque expedition. The Organizing Co. divided our kitchen into specific areas for cooking, baking, food storage, and dinnerware. Our kitchen also doubles as our dining room, so Christina made some simple suggestions for rearranging the furniture that completely changed the flow and feel of the room. I can now look forward to preparing a meal and knowing exactly where everything is instead of feeling daunted by the task of tracking down ingredients and cookware. I want the Organizing Company to make over every room in our house!"

-Elle Tyler, Music Teacher. Erie, CO


"I can't say enough nice things about Christina!  My apartment was in overwhelming chaos and I felt paralyzed about even knowing how to start making sense of it.  Christina came in and make a plan that immediately made me feel empowered.  We purged, she helped me shop for organizing items (great help there!!), and then helped me rearrange/redecorate.  I cannot tell you how much more comfortable and happy I feel in my place now!  I didn't really realize how stressed I was until my clutter problems were resolved - now I feel so much better!  Christina was compassionate while being firm and that's a rare talent!"

-Donna W. Denver, CO

"I finally feel at home in my house! I run a business, I teach, and I have a new baby, and it was so hard to keep the house tidy because I’m exhausted every day. Getting organized has melted away layers of stress and allowed me to function at full capacity again! Just knowing where everything is makes my day run 100% smoother.
"The Organizing Company has a straightforward method that is effortless to maintain, even for my husband who works long hours and my 8-year-old who has ADHD. I highly recommend their services to anyone who feels overwhelmed by to-do lists at home, or feels like they are constantly picking up after their family members (like my poor husband was for me!). When it’s easy to put things away, it actually gets done!"

-Dr. Carole Keim, Pediatrician. Boulder, CO



"Christina, from the Organizing Company,  is an absolute delight and I cannot say enough kind things about her.   I completely adore her and look forward to every visit.
She came into my life as I was going through a divorce. Needless to say, I was feeling  completely overwhelmed. She completely organized all the chaos that was surrounding me. She helped me get organized through two moves and helped me buy a home. I could not have done it without her. Everything thing she organizes turns into magnificent art.....simple yet elegant. I am always so pleased with all the work she has done and continues to do for me.  I am looking forward to having a long standing relationship with the Organizing Company and Christina.....after all, 'Life is better when its put together.'"

-Patti Dallas. Make-up Artist. Denver, CO