Garage Gallery

It's easy for the garage to become the dumping grounds for everything that doesn't have a "home". But a garage is also the first thing you see when you arrive home, and, as such, it should be a warm welcome! We create order and organization so that your home improvement projects and sporting goods are easy to access, making it even easier to get things done and to have fun! Scroll to see what we mean...


"Our garage was a storage disaster. We didn't know or use what we had. The team worked miracles and now we have a space that is useful and organized. I actually like going in there! My husband has a space to work and everything has a place. The best thing is...... 7 months later it is still organized! The Organizing Co. set up our space so it was easy to keep clean and picked up. Christina knows the secrets of the business and it works!"

-Jessie Pruett. Broomfield, CO

"Some people just struggle with clutter.  I'm one of those.  Christina with The Organizing Co. comes regularly for a couple of  hours and helps me deal with those things that accumulate and overwhelm me.  Slowly but surely we are simplifying and putting systems in place so it gets easier and easier for me to keep it up.  There's never any judgement, just cheerful, busy-ness. She is very thoughtful and problem solves with me.  I'm so glad that there is help out there!  Thanks, Christina!"

-Terry Kirkham. Broomfield, CO


"This is one of my favorite jobs to look back at because we made such a big difference in such a short amount of time. We spent about 14 hours and it's a total transformation. The client didn't really get rid of much that you can see (mostly building materials from the rafters), but there were a couple items he was really attached to that I had to strongly discourage. He had a filing cabinet and a broken deep freezer that he wanted to use for tool storage. I don't normally tell my clients "no" bluntly, but Jeff was a friend and I said, "No, sir. We can do better. Can you trust me?" He was reluctant, but by the end, he willingly got rid of both items because we were able to use the space that was built in for storage better than what those items could have provided. It's just such a good example of how we can maximize your space without you having to get rid of everything you love!"

-Christina Morton, Owner of The Organizing Co.