The Organizing Co. Closet Gallery

Name a closet and we can tackle it: Linen closet, coat closet, hall closet, master closet, kids' closets, office closet, etc. Whatever those tight spaces throw at us we can declutter it, organize it, and maintain it. Here are some examples!



Christina from The Organizing Company was referred to me by  one of the most organized people I know. I knew if my friend recommended Christina the service had to be excellent. I was not disappointed. My boyfriend and I are pretty neat/organized, but when you have two busy professionals that are also endurance athletes - you tend to have a lot of "stuff". Christina helped us to organize our belongings into a space that now makes us feel great, but that also looks great. Everything has a place and we can find stuff. I would recommend Christina to anyone. She is professional and effective.

{ Emily }

Some people just struggle with clutter.  I'm one of those.  Christina with The Organizing Co. comes regularly for a couple of  hours and helps me deal with those things that accumulate and overwhelm me.  Slowly but surely we are simplifying and putting systems in place so it gets easier and easier for me to keep it up.  There's never any judgement, just cheerful, busy-ness. She is very thoughtful and problem solves with me.  I'm so glad that there is help out there!  Thanks, Christina!

{ Terry }