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Business owners know that systems and organization save you money and make you money! We work with companies to increase their efficiency and productivity so that they can focus on what they do best. Here are some examples. 


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I just love the work you did organizing the office. It makes me feel so good to open the cupboards and drawers and know what’s there and what’s supposed to be there. I am already seeing a time savings by not having to hunt for things I need. You did an amazing job and I really appreciate it. Reasonable cost and very worth it!"

-Marion Steward, Financial Planner. Boulder, CO


"Christina is such a blessing! She comes into your cluttered, disorganized spaces with no judgment and ready to help you transform how you live and operate. She worked on my in-home office, which is no small project. First, she asked how I work and what types of systems I've tried. Then she tackled my piles and helped me come up with systems to help me clean up, put things in their place and know where to find them later. She even suggested which organizing items I was lacking (I needed a bigger file cabinet) and which ones weren't working for me (certain filing systems just weren't functional). She really knows her stuff. I've had friends try to help me organize before, and I usually ended up in tears. Not with Christina. She's calm, focused, diligent, supportive and a good listener. I so appreciate the work she did for me and highly recommend her!"

-Merritt Onsa, Entrepreneur. Broomfield, CO


"Wow! Highly recommend this very efficient and professional service. Easily tackled the huge project of organizing boxes of complex legal documents. My office is finally functional and organized - I love it! Christina is very pleasant to work with. She is punctual, courteous, non-judgmental and an excellent communicator."

-Rhonda Kelly. Parker, CO

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"The Organizing Company rocks! My home office is awesome now and these people helped me make it all happen. I spent very little money and a little time to find my home office a working paradise now.  I can't thank The Organizing Company enough for bringing such a happy, efficient, and productive facet into my life!  I love going into my workspace each day and highly recommend and will continue to use this amazing company for my own projects and gladly will refer them to friends, family, and colleagues! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!!"

-Jim Lytton. Firestone, CO