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November 11, 2015

Hello, fellow organizing aficionados! Welcome to The Organizing Co. Blog! 

I’m Christina Morton, founder of The Organizing Co., and lover of all things organized. I created this blog (and this company) to inspire, teach, and help people organize. I believe that life’s better when it’s organized and that there’s no “one size fits all” solution. I’ll share ideas, tips, tutorials, and inspiration, but do what fits your style and your needs! Take an idea of mine and tweak it to fit the function of your space! The beauty of organizing is that the basic “how-to” is pretty standard, but you can customize it to your life and your spaces. For my clients, I take them through each step and customize solutions for them based on what they’ve told me about their needs, lifestyle, personality, and taste. For my blog readers, I can’t provide individual solutions, but I can give you a method and some possible solutions for you to run with! You’re into DIY, right? You can, of course, hire me in person or virtually if you want additional help. ;)

To start things off with this first post, I want to elaborate on my tagline: 
[ life’s better when it’s put together ]

As a professional organizer, I’ve heard people say, “I like being disorganized,” or “Organizing isn’t a priority for me.” Or even, “I don’t need to get organized.” While I have to respect their lack of desire to be organized, I can’t help but wonder if they really get what it means to be organized. I wonder if they’ve ever misplaced something important, or wasted time getting ready in the morning because they couldn’t find a particular shirt/tie-- or even their keys. Surely no one likes wasting time searching for things! I also wonder if they’ve ever felt overwhelmed by their stuff, or ever acquired 12 staplers in one office over the years without realizing it (true story). 

ben franklin.jpeg

Organization isn’t just about how things look (although that’s a nice perk!). It’s about making your spaces more functional and efficient. Organization saves you time so you can spend those extra minutes and hours sleeping, reading, doing your hobbies, making more money in your business, or having quality time with people you love. Life’s better when it’s put together because you have more time and energy for everything else! Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” I’m inclined to agree. And besides getting hours of your life back, organizing saves you money, too! If you’ve ever bought a dozen eggs only to find that you have two more expired at the back of your fridge, you’ll agree. One of my favorite examples is still my sweet mother who had 12 cans of pumpkin pie filling in her pantry. Unless she’s baking for the Dugger’s and I don’t know it, it’ll take her forever to go through all that (if she even can before it expires)! Which leads me to my next point: organization saves you precious space. Stuffing a pantry full of duplicate items because you can’t see what you have only makes the space feel cluttered and people end up just shoving stuff anywhere they can find an inch of shelf. If you live in a small apartment, saving space is paramount, and organizing will help you accomplish that. 


I don’t expect that everyone will love the process of organizing and get a rush from it like I do (Yes. It’s true). But I do believe that everyone can benefit from being organized.  Everyone loves more time, money, and space, not to mention all the other benefits I haven’t even talked about yet! The key is to organize in a way that works for YOU, not just doing what worked for someone else. But I’ll have to keep you in suspense about how to do that... For now, I’ll just say that this blog exists because life’s better when it’s put together. I hope you experience this truth for yourself through The Organizing Co. Blog!

Thanks for reading! 

Happy organizing!

Christina + The Organizing Co.