Spring Organizing 101

[ time to freshen up ]


April 18th, 2016

Despite what the snow in Boulder today might suggest, spring is here. And so is the spring cleaning itch. Deep cleaning those dusty corners and windows is in order. But some Spring Organizing is also in order. Certain areas get neglected in the winter and some just need to be transitioned from winter to spring. Doing these things now will prepare your spaces for spring and prevent messes caused when you have to hurriedly dig for the summer items you need.

While we don’t offer cleaning services, we sure value a good spring clean! However, doing Spring Organizing first makes sure you aren’t cleaning more than you need to (ie If you get rid of everything on your dresser, that saves you a lot of dusting and moving stuff around!). You can clean as you go after each room is organized, or wait until the end. I usually would say do all the organizing first and then do the cleaning. That way you don’t lose motivation halfway through and decide to not purge or organize some areas that might really need it. But since you have to clean it, putting that off until the end ensures that both the organizing and the cleaning gets done! And it’s kind of like assembly line style and might be faster anyway!

Keep in mind: these tips are great if you’re already a pretty organized and tidy person. But if that doesn’t describe you, click here instead to start with our organizing method or give us a call for some hands on (or virtual) help!


#1 Purge.

Spring is a time for clearing out what you don’t use, love, or need. You can give your wardrobe a fresh start by getting rid of those pieces that don’t speak to you, that you put on and immediately take back off, and that are worn to the point of embarrassment. What winter clothes went unworn this winter? Will you really wear them next year? What pieces no longer fit with your vision for yourself? Your personal style? Let them go to someone who will actually wear them!

We usually recommend a seasonal purge of every area, but if you can only hit a few some other great areas to purge while you’re in the mood are: Shoes, makeup & toiletries, and jewelry. Taking a look at everything with the fresh eyes that springtime gives us provides the freedom to let go without guilt. Comb through every surface and every bookshelf. What little trinkets are just collecting dust while no longer bringing you the joy they once did? Can you keep the sentiment (ie “Aunt Betty loves me.”) without keeping the item if you no longer like it? Are there any random parts and pieces lying around waiting to be reunited with their mates? Now is the time to put them away or put them out of their misery!

#3 Refresh.

There are some areas that take a harder hit in the winter. Usually that’s the mudroom, the garage, and the car. It’s cold and no one wants to spend time tidying up the frigid garage or cleaning out junk from the car, not to mention the extra dirt that gets tracked in. So springtime is the perfect time to put things back where they belong, remove the excess, and prepare for the warm weather activities. Spend some time in each area tidying up and reorganizing for newly acquired items that never found a proper home. Make sure your bike helmets are accessible (and that the bike is tuned up!), that pool toys are grouped with a “go bag” for the beach/pool, and that your gardening supplies are easy to see. If your garage is already fairly organized, this will be just a quick refresh. But if you have a bigger project, remember to use our method or call us for some hands on help (or even a planning consultation).


Thanks so much for reading!

Happy spring organizing!

Christina + The Organizing Co.


#2 Transition.

Now that you’ve purged your wardrobe, you can transition winter pieces to the upper shelves or back of the closet and give your spring wardrobe the prime real estate. Store winter coats and gloves and move the raincoats to front and center. Swap out snow boots for rain boots. Store your winter blankets, tidy up (or relocate) the firewood stash to make room for potted plants, and swap out specialty snowflake glasses for your summer/BBQ set. For some things, it’ll just be switching which shelfitems are on to make them more accessible, but for other things you may need a designated storage area. Whichever the case, just make sure everything has a place! Think through what events you have coming up and what other supplies you usually need handy for summer. Now’s the time to get them ready so when that last minute trip to the beach comes up you’re ready to go in a snap!


#4 Flowers.

Finally, it’s time to bring the outdoors inside and make the house feel fresh and light. Whether the flowers are real or fake, they’ll make your place feel more inviting and make you happy when you look at them! The side effect is that you have more energy and motivation to tackle organizing and cleaning projects! The Organizing Co. founder, Christina, also switches out decor when seasons change. It makes your house feel new again and gets rid of that stale feeling that can happen when nothing ever changes (or when you’re trapped inside for months). It doesn’t even have to technically be “spring” decor, just something different and exciting to you. Just make sure you have space to store the stash of decor options!

Done and done.

Now your place is organized for the next season and you’re ready to do the spring cleaning! So bust out the mop, Windex, and Swiffer duster and get to it! And plan your first barbecue to celebrate all your hard work! In case you need it, here’s a great guide for deep spring cleaning