The Germaphobe’s Guide to Organizing Your Shower

August 1, 2019

If you know me, it’s no secret that I’m a “germaphobe.” Of course, I think it’s just good sanitary practices and hygiene, but I wear the label none the less. One area where this affects organizing is in the bathroom- not putting your lipstick in the same drawer as your anti-fungal spray or hemorrhoid cream is a good start. But the shower usually gets overlooked. 

Maybe you’re like Nick from New Girl and you don’t think you need to wash your bath towel or worry about germs in the shower, but I tend to be more of a Schmidt.

If you share a bathroom with a roommate or spouse who is a Nick, ie less germ-conscious than you, this may be especially important for you. If you can’t have separate racks/spots for your toiletries, you can at least organize your space so that they are less likely to drip something icky (or a harsher chemical) on your face scrubby, or get hair savings in your soap, etc. Here’s how:

We recommend a vertical tension shower rack to keep everything separate and sanitary. Most have 4-5 shelves. Here are a couple great organizing racks we like:

This one  has hooks and a bar for washcloths.

This one has hooks and a bar for washcloths.

And  this one  has a spot for bar soap, a razor, and washcloths/loofas.

And this one has a spot for bar soap, a razor, and washcloths/loofas.

You can also do an over the shower head version. Of course, they’re organized all wrong in these photos, but soon you will know better….

Break it down like this:


You bathe yourself from the top down

and your shower should be organized the same.


Top Rack or Hang Bar-

Face: Wash cloth, Clarsonic brush/scrubby, or whatever you wash your face with. Men: Your razors should go here.

Second Rack-

Face: Your daily cleanser and your weekly masks, etc


Fourth Rack-

Body + Booty: Body wash (or bar soap- gag), feminine wash, razors or hair removal products. If you use a loofa/washcloth for your body, hanging it off this shelf or a hang bar here is recommended.


If you’re sharing the rack with someone, put both shampoos on the same shelf, etc. Depending on that and on how many toiletries you use, you may need to combine or extend categories. For example, you may have two shelves for hair products and only one for your facial skin care. Or you may want to combine your hair products with your face products to have more room for body toiletries like body wash, feminine wash, and razors. However you need to customize it, keeping the general order the same and having a designated place for everything will keep it clean and make a big difference!

That’s it! Super quick and easy, but you’ll feel so fresh and so clean!

Happy - and Sanitary- Organizing! 

Christina + The Organizing Co.


Third Rack-

Hair: Shampoo, conditioner, masks, etc. Let’s be honest, you probably have more than a few bottles here…

shower org.jpg

Bottom Rack or Hang Bar-

Feet: Pumice stone, nail scrubby, etc. Who wants dead skin from your feet in your hair or on your face? Exactly. So keep foot care items at the bottom.


Bonus Idea: This is a great thing to do in your guest bathroom if you often host out of towners or run an AirBnb. It makes people like me (and you if you’re reading this) feel like the place is clean and sanitary and they don’t have to worry as much about a strangers germs on stuff you’re using- even though there won’t be a communal face brush. We hope.